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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

UPDATE Tuesday Afternoon: When Did Jodi Arias Attend Law School? Arias Tries to Take Over Cross-Examination

UPDATE Tuesday Afternoon - Trial Adjourns Early Because Arias Doesn't Want to Answer Questions...aka She Has a "Migraine

Newsflash!!! Wahhh, poor Jodi Arias! She a had migraine this afternoon and forgot to eat her bologna sandwich and whines to Nurmi to get her off the stand. Court is recessed until tomorrow. It's her own fault that she didn't's called extra strength aspirin! If anything, she gave me a MIGRAINE with her whiny, passive-aggressive tantrums today.

Arias Admits to Liking Kinky Sex & KY Jelly - Who Cares?
The afternoon was filled with more sex, lies, and videotape...of her 48 Hours Interview. The interview clip showed Jodi talking about what a good, kind, and considerate person Travis was (her words, not mine). That doesn't sound like a callous abuser to me! The sex details were just too much and my lunch churned in my stomach as I listened to her afternoon testimony - everything you ever wanted to know about KY Jelly and then some!

Arias Name Drops Married Woman on Stand
Arias acted passive-aggressive, and fought with Martinez throughout the day. She still claims she can't remember anything and dimes out a married woman who supposedly sexually flirted with Travis. Said married woman disses Arias on HLN tonight and calls her out on Arias' lies and cleared her name AND Travis' name.

Stay tuned...Will Martinez go for the jugular and wrap it up tomorrow? 

UPDATE Morning Testimony

My head seriously hurts after this morning's cross-examination. I don't know what's going on with Judge Sherry Stephens but she is not doing her job very well. She allowed Arias to have a temper tantrum on the stand while Martinez cross-examined her. She did overrule Nurmi so she was doing something, but she needs to gain better control of her court room and needs to have a chat with Arias about her snarky, disrespectful comments. I hope the jurors are paying close attention to her crazy antics on the stand - she's not winning points with the jury!

Round and Round Arias & Martinez Go

The highlight of the morning is when Arias whines that Martinez is going in circles and tells him "you went off track." Hmm, the last time I checked Arias was NOT the prosecuting attorney - she is on trial not Juan Martinez. My theory is that Arias does not like any man controlling the situation so her sweet and innocent act is cracking wide open now - not to mention all her lies.

It was an annoying morning as Arias continued with her selective amnesia - ughhhh! Martinez asked her about her memory problems and she made a comment about her internal mental problems concerning her memory - that's some telling testimony right there!

Duping Delight is Front & Center with Arias 

The condescending smirks showed clear signs of duping delight - when one seeks a thrilling delight in getting away with a lie and pulling the wool over someone else's eyes.

Arias is doing a good job of annoying the jury with the stunts she pulled this morning. I wonder if Nurmi has schooled Arias in courtroom etiquette. That's highly doubtful based on her body language and how she reacted to Martinez this morning. The comments are flying on social media that Martinez is badgering Arias but I think it's the other way around.

Arias clearly thinks she's the prosecuting attorney - how dare Martinez ask her probing questions to expose her lies? 

I need to take some aspirin before I dive into this afternoon's testimony...I'm going to need it.

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