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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscar Goes To...Jodi Arias - Worst Actress in a Dramatic Role - Live Blog Update

I was going to wait until the end of the day to post my summary of today's cross-examination of Jodi Arias by Juan Martinez, but after the post-Oscars hoopla from last night, I couldn't resist the Oscars dig on Arias.

February 25, 2013 
Monday morning's testimony - summary of Jodi Arias' weepy whine-fest: 

Juan Martinez brought his A game and then some. He railed into Arias and peppered her with questions that clearly tripped her up and brought on the waterworks (see title of today's blog!) Her acting is for the birds and it's growing tiresome. She continues to lie and whine about her selective amnesia.

Her speech in this morning's testimony consisted of the following: "I don't know, I can't remember, I don't recall"  and Martinez did an awesome job of showing the jury why he is one of Arizona's toughest prosecuting attorneys (he already has a female death penalty case under his belt - and he won!)

The broken finger conversation came up again this morning , and her answers to Martinez's questions were laughable. Arias couldn't get her stories straight - it was the right hand, no, it was the left hand...wait, she doesn't remember, did she cut her hand? Break her finger? Huh, who's on first?

Her snarky, smug facial expressions soon turned to weepy actress, and as one fellow Facebook group member pointed out, Arias brought on her soft "killer" voice (thanks Mike!) It's like watching the worst soap opera actress in the worst soap opera that was ever made. Like nails on a chalkboard - ouch, my ears!

My favorite highlight was when the make-believe Margaritaville was brought up again - her fake place of employment that never existed. She told Ryans Burns that she worked there and Arias insists she never told Burns the name of the restaurant. Uhm, okay! She consistently lied or played her "I have a bad memory" card throughout her testimony on Monday morning.

Then she decided she was going to prove that she is not a promiscuous woman (sorry, too late!) by throwing poor Ryan Burns, Arias' ex-whatever-he-was, under the bus. She stated to Martinez that there was no passionate kissing or grinding involved in their Utah tryst post-killing Travis Alexander. I highly doubt Burns would perjure himself on the stand and I feel bad for him. I bet he thanks his lucky stars every day that he didn't seriously date Arias, especially after the stunt she pulled this morning.

The afternoon's testimony should prove interesting. Martinez's strategy is spot-on and he is pulling a lot out of her , and will hopefully break her down even more. News flash Jodi Arias, you'd better put on your big girl panties because you're going to be in a for a wild ride this week and his name is Juan Martinez! Sorry, Jodi, no Academy Award for you anytime soon!

Please feel free to leave comments and weigh in about the trial and the cross-exam by Martinez. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions - just keep them G-rated please!

Is Jodi finally breaking or just more tricks up her sociopathic sleeve? Stay tuned for Part 2 of today's testimony. I'll share more thoughts tonight!


  1. Thanks for the detailed recap ...

  2. I almost feel like she's just trying to kill Travis a second time. She can't possibly believe this is going to fly. Its right up there with the Olympic athlete firing blindly in the dark at the intruder on his toilet, too scared to flip on the light. People have no pride or shame these days. I give the prosecutor credit, I'd have snapped by now. When she made the comment about meanies like him and Travis yelling, he should have said " Sorry, please don't shoot me in the face!"

  3. It's horrible and today was really bad...wahhh, I have a migraine!