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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Math Doesn't Add Up for Jodi Arias: Cross-Exam Filled with More Sex, Lies Busted & Compelling Evidence

Great running commentary about the trial today in my group AND I got a few direct tweets  from HLN's Nancy Grace

Afternoon Update - Wednesday, February 27

Many Faces of Jodi Arias...And She Doesn't Know How to Do Simple Math 

Histrionics much, Jodi Arias? Lots of that going on today in the Jodi Arias trial this afternoon.

The biggest upset from this afternoon was Martinez who proved that Arias doesn't know how to do simple math. Arias borrowed gas cans from an ex-boyfriend and filled up BEFORE driving to Arizona, because she didn't want to buy gas during the trip. Wait for it...because she only had $200 for her trip budget.

So let's do some simple math here, folks. Martinez hypothetically lays out the scene and shows, once again, that Arias is lying through her teeth. Math is not my strong suit, but even a first-grader could figure out the math:

#1: Arias fills up gas cans in California...hmmm, as a northern Californian, the gas in California is more expensive compared to Utah or Arizona. And the last time I checked there are gas stations along the way to Arizona, but Arias thought she would save a few bucks.

This is when Arias' math logic starts to get wonky:

#2 Martinez lays out this hypothetical scenario (there is evidence that she bought gas during her trip):

  • Jodi buys 12 gallons of gas $4/gallon = $48
  • Then she fills up again with another 12 gallons $4/gallon = $48
  • Jodi fills up three gas cans in California = $85

Let's add up the numbers...a whopping $181 yet she only had $200 for her total trip budget...including food and incidentals? Yeah, she was really saving money with the gas cans AND she filled up the gas cans in California...HOW is that saving money?

Arias Grinned and Smirked While Phone Sex Tape Plays in Courtroom
While she hung her head in shame and cried during the direct, Arias grinned and smirked while Martinez grilled her about details of the phone sex tape. More excerpts from the 48 Hours interview and lots from the recorded sex phone tape were played again in court. The evil look and smirks on her face were disturbing - does she think that killing someone is a JOKE? Once again, she acts like she is the prosecuting attorney and not Martinez.

Here's a snippet that shows that Arias was definitely a willing party in their kinky sex games and fantasies, including Arias dressing up like a school girl complete with pigtails: 

You did enjoy dressing up though, right?" Martinez asked.
"Um, yes," Arias replied.
"It was a consensual mutual relationship sexually speaking, wasn't it?" Martinez prodded.
"Yes, always," Arias said.
"No indication that you were offended?" the prosecutor continued.
"Correct," Arias replied.
(Source: Silicon Valley Mercury News) 

Scene of the Crime: Ma'am, What's Up With The Rope, Knife, and Gun? 
Martinez took us to the scene of the crime and brings up the gun, rope, and knife. During their sex-capades, the rope was used to tie up Arias - which was loosely tied around her wrists that she easily slipped out of - no need to cut the rope with a knife!

Martinez played the recorded conversation between Arias and Detective Flores. Arias tells Flores that "no, Travis never had a gun!" Hmmm, so the gun in the closet didn't exist, huh? Can you say pre-meditation?

Arias' Scrambled Brain Syndrome
In one breath, she accuses Travis of being an aggressive, womanizing bully who forced her to engage in kinky, degrading sexual acts, and allegedly choked her until she passed out. But in the the next breath, she is gushing over him in the 48 Hours interview and praises him for being loving and thoughtful. She admitted to Martinez that she lied to the reporters about her twisted stories. Her details about the ninja intruders played out like a really bad Lifetime movie.

The most damning words out of Arias' mouth today - when Martinez asks her if she lied in the interviews and how her stories changed between the 48 Hours and Inside Edition interviews.

"I couldn't keep my stories straight."

No, you can't, Arias, and that's clearly obvious after Martinez's cross-examination this afternoon.

Martinez left off at the scene of the crime this afternoon so I am anxious to see what happens tomorrow morning...last day of trial for this week! Trial begins on Thursday, 9:15 am PDT / 12:15 pm EDT

Wednesday, February 27 - Morning Update 

Juan Martinez reigned it back in today with Arias, who graced us with her lying presence after her migraine attack (can you say fake?) yesterday afternoon.

Martinez shot down her lies - AGAIN - with compelling evidence that included more excerpts from the 48 Hour interview and the infamous phone sex recording. I'm over the sex details (felt like puking in my coffee as I listened), but Martinez needed to trip her up with her lies. If Arias was an abused victim, why did she revel and get into the phone sex fantasy play? He shot her down over and over this morning.

Yes, Another Bout With Selective Amnesia
It wouldn't be a Jodi Arias cross-exam without her selective amnesia and her routine of "I don't know and I don't remember." Martinez asked her again if she had memory problems and Arias whined that it was the way he was questioning her. She needs to put on her big girl panties and just answer YES or NO. Martinez was more controlled today and didn't give into her passive-aggressive nonsense that she pulled yesterday.

The Rental Car Evidence
Martinez questioned her about renting a car in Redding, which is a far distance from Yreka, in northern California. He peppered her with questions about the nosy small town of Yreka and why did she go all the way to Redding to rent a car? By the way, don't rent a red car. She also put on her police hat and tried to school Martinez in the way of California traffic laws. Uhmmm, the last time I checked Arias wasn't  a cop. If she was, she would have done a better job of covering up the forensics evidence that was left behind in Travis' that bloody hand print she left on the wall.

The tone of the testimony feels more controlled and less chaotic today...on Martinez's end. However, Arias continued to smirk and smile when the phone sex tap recording was played. Does she think killing Travis Alexander was a big joke? I highly doubt she'll be smiling when she's sitting on Death Row! Her smirks and smiling is beyond disrespectful, not only to the court, but to Travis' Alexader's family and friends.

I write these posts in honor of Travis - I want to see justice served! Stay tuned for more highlights of the cross-examination - will write more after the afternoon session is recessed! 

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