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Monday, February 25, 2013

Martinez's Cross Exam: Only Jodi Arias & God Knows...That She's Lying

A big shout-out to my fellow members in my Facebook group! They kept me entertained and updated with their running commentary throughout the trial today. We watched and shared comments as Martinez slogged through Arias' continued pathetic attempt to save herself from the death penalty.

Update from Afternoon Session - Monday, February 25

Arias Can't Outsmart The Prosecution 

Martinez continued with his A game this afternoon, but Jodi was starting to show her psychopathic tendencies to the jury and Martinez didn't cut her a break - he piled on the questions and punctuated each question with his signature resounding, Right, ma'am?

He introduced strong evidence in the way of Arias' incriminating 48 Hours interview where she addresses why she smiled in her creepy mug shot. I had not seen this interview so I was blown away by her gall, especially when she jokes in the interview that if Travis had been arrested and in her same predicament, he would smile in his mug shot and think it was funny. Worst line from the interview: "Smile and say cheese!" Ewwww.

The most compelling statement this afternoon from Martinez - after Arias talks about nicking her wrist with a razor and wahhhh, it hurt: 

Arias Consoles Travis' Grandma with Flowers

 The interview was a huge slap in the face to Travis Alexander's family and it broke my heart to witness her callous, smiling face while she made it sound like she had Travis' best interest at heart, including her eerie description of how she brought Travis' grandma irises to console her because Travis liked the name Iris - if they were to have a girl. She explained that she and Travis had discussed baby names they liked, because some day they were going to have kids.

Take it one step further: after she kills Travis and pretends she doesn't know he is dead, she tells an acquaintance that her kids and Jodi and Travis' future kids could play together at the park some day. That's just creeeepyyyyyy AND sick!

Not to make light of the the trial, but Arias had many laughable quotes today and I could feel her cold, calculating deceit oozing from her soulless eyes and "soft killer voice."

Can You Say Sybil?
Here's a sampling of Arias' answers from today's testimony. One of my Facebook group member referred to her outrageous behavior on the stand as Sybil-esque: that's the understatement of the century!

Arias was spewing her usual bizarre illogical answers and she threw in her "I don't know, I don't recall and I can't remember" whenever she lapsed back into her amnesia. She really could give a soap opera actress a run for her money with the "fuzzy memory" story line.

49 Hours Tape Exposes Pack of Lies 

The evidence that Martinez presented today clearly shows that her soap opera act won't land her a leading movie role anytime soon (can you say bad actress?) Her 48 Hours and Inside Edition interviews were just a public smokescreen to cover up the fact that she needed an alibi and what better to do that than to go  on TV! What a concept! She didn't want anyone to know she killed Travis so she spun a big fat lie to the media and even lied to Travis' poor grandma. What kind of horrible person does that? Obviously, one bad dye job blonde named Jodi Arias.

Zingers from today's testimony: 

  • When Martinez asks Arias what was going through her mind after she was arrested for Alexander's murder in July 2008, she responds: only God knows that. Martinez fires back with: "God is not here. We can't subpoena him." Oh snap, Martinez! 
  • Jodi was extra whiny and annoying this afternoon. Her sociopathic veneer slowly cracked as she huffed to Martinez: "You are overtalking me! I told you what I know!" Rrhhhh, there goes the claws! Her waterworks were on this afternoon and I wasn't buying any of her tears.
  • Arias proves once again that she has selective amnesia when it comes to details and she has to rely on other people to jog her feeble memory: "I was not on the stand 8 days, it was 9 - someone told me."
My Favorite Highlight 

Martinez submits another one of Arias' journal entries as evidence - another good call! There is NO written mention of abuse whatsoever and Martinez points out that Jodi loves Travis' lip which she gushes about in her journal and also calls him sweetie and baby in text messages and journal entry, but hey, where's the proof, Arias? She loves his lip but not his "backhand," according to Martinez and asks her: 
  • Did she see a doctor? 
  • Was there a medical report? 
  • Did she call the police and report the abuse? 
  • Photographs of bruises or cuts (the broken/cut finger lie was blown out of the water AGAIN!)? 
  • Written documentation in her journal or ANY written proof for that matter? 
It was a big resounding NO straight from Arias' lips!! She flubbed around for answers - making excuses that she couldn't write about it and didn't want anyone to know. If I was dating someone who beat me, I would be calling the cops or taking pictures and/or writing the details in my journal - in case anything happened to me! 

But she does claim she had a cell phone conversation supposedly with shady ex-boyfriend Matt McCartney - who has already been called out for his lies- and tells him about the bruises. But did McCartney actually see her physical bruises? Arias replies with a weak no. The proof is in the pudding and Jodi doesn't have any, according to Martinez.

Martinez proved today that he's not messing around and Arias better quickly drop that snark and start showing more respect. She is beyond disrespectful  to Travis' family and Martinez with her rude comments and haughty attitude when answering Martinez's questions: a tell-tale sign of a sociopath.  Martinez showed the jury and audience members today exactly why he is one of the toughest prosecuting attorneys in Arizona, and Arias better remember that before she gets too big for her britches. 

Arias' cross-examination continues on Tuesday morning. The trial resumes 9:30 PDT / 12:30 EDT. 


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  2. Hi Ed, thanks for your comment on my blog. Here's the page and please mention my blog and where you read about the group. Lots of cool people in there!