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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Octomom, One Time Stripper, Strikes Again

Sorry for my absence. I've been down for the count with a flu virus (no, not of the swine variety). As I lay dousing myself with cold water and drinking gallons of green tea during my flu epidemic, I perused the celebrity rags just to see what dear ole Octomom was up to these days.

Everyone knows how much I LOVE that crazy lady. For those who haven't been keeping up, Gloria Allred is taking her to court in June. Is this a shocker? I think not. I called that a few months ago. She also has numerous complaints against her with CPS--once again, not a shocker. It's unfortunate that her kids are getting dragged through the proverbial publicity mud. It was also brought out that her autistic son was reported at school last week with a black eye - very sad.

Even more frightening...Octomom wants to trademark "Octomom" in her very own line of diapers and a TV show. Yeah, I want to slap some nappies on a baby's butt with OCTOMOM staring back at me. I'm thinking the Germans might be the only one who'll watch her TV show (kind of like how David Hasselhoff became a singing sensation in Deutschland).

Here's another fun fact: Octomom was also a "one time" stripper. How does that work? I'm assuming she shook her money maker pre-14 babies?

"Creepy clone: The story of Octomom Nadya Suleman just keeps getting worse. The mother of 14 has admitted to being a stripper, "It's true that I was a topless dancer, but that's all. I went to a gentleman's club and performed as a topless dancer. But I only did it one night." But In Touch Weekly reports Suleman used the alias Angelina when she was a dancer for more than a year in her early 20s. Suleman has denied having an obsession with Angelina Jolie, but the similarities tell a different story. All she needs now is her very own Brad Pitt."

The worst story I read concerning Octomom was a Texas company that wants to make an I-phone game where you press on Octomom's tummy and she pops out multiple babies. My flu-ish stomach is turning somersaults at the mere thought.

So I'm thinking Nadya Suleman is all about her babies. She doesn't want to profit in the least from her celebrity status. Nope, not at all. She did turn down a porn film deal so I guess that's something.

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