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Saturday, May 23, 2009

American Idol Results - AI's Best Season Yet?

Today I spent time with friends discussing the American Idol results, and whether Adam or Kris should have won (for those who didn't catch AI, Kris won). I thought Adam was way too theatrically trained and America wasn't looking for another Clay Aiken (no offense, Clay but you are Broadway through and through, and so is Adam). Kris had that boy next door from Arkansas look and just has that pop star look (and he's very humble). He was in complete shock that he won.

This year they gave funny American Idol awards for some past contestants from this season, so I thought I'd piggyback on their idea and give my own awards (from this year and past Idol seasons).

1. Most Likely to Star in a Spanish Novella - Tatiana (that chick was so over the top melodramatic and needs to put her hysterical crying to good use - it's called Spanish soap operas!)

2. Hotties From Past Seasons But Who Still Rock My World: Chris Daughtry and David Cook

3. Someone Who Won't Be Winning Any Spelling Bees in the Near Future: Kelly Pickler

4. New Rap Sensation who will star in Bobby Brown's next video: Anoop

5. The Idol Contestant From This Season Who I'd Like To Kick it With: Danny

6. The Most Has-Been "What is he doing now?" Idol from Past Seasons: Ruben

7. Most Likely to Work at a Car Wash: Bikini Girl

8. Worst Actress Award: Fantasia Barino (Just say no to bad Lifetime TV Movies!)

9. Most Likely to Be Ryan Seacrest's Personal Assistant: The Crazy Campy Singer Dude

10. Most Likely to Succeed in the Rock Star World: Alison and Adam

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