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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad Customer Service - What Gives?

I know times are tough, but what's going on with customer service these days? I won't be returning to the Long's Drugstore here in my town as a result of the crappy customer service I received today. The worst part of the experience is that when I complained to the assistant manager he was totally indifferent and the look on his face pretty much read: "I really don't care."

So is this the new strategy businesses are using to retain customers? The "I really don't give a sh**" strategy? Hmmm, you would think they would step up their customer service so they don't LOSE business.

So what happened? I was waiting in line to be helped and three people who were buying lotto tickets were helped before me. I also noticed that a couple left because they were pissed off because there was no one to help them in the photo department. Also, the lady in front of me was also pissed off because they wouldn't honor her wine club gift card; I heard the entire story and I would have been ticked off as well.

Smaller companies like Long's cannot afford to lose customers, so what gives with the crappy customer service and the old adage: "The customer comes first?" A new Walgreen's just opened and take one guess where I'll be shopping the next time. Sorry Long's - you lost this long time customer and probably a few more as a result of your horrible customer service today. Buh-bye.

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