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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Ultimate Top Five List and Other Ramblings

Yes, I'm still around Cyber Land (after battling a bout of the summer flu-junk). I'm breaking all the blogging rules by not posting on a regular basis. I was always a cyber outlaw (in the writing sense, of course). I think my brain is now stuffed to the gills with my "commercial" writing that I'm making up every excuse not to contribute to my own bloggy world.

I'm a known Facebooker who likes to dabble with the quizzes and the Top Five Lists. I went on a Top Five Listing spree tonight thanks to my friend, The Italian Stallion. He cannot be properly named due to his celebrity status. I blame him for my Listing spree tonight.

I found the best addition to my Top Five List tonight for my "Dream Home" list - What do you want in your dream home? I don't know who creates the "answers" but I don't think you can beat "BBQ Smoke On a Hot Man." (Yes, I wanted to add a hot man to my dream home - hey, I'm single and am taking applications!) If a girl's going to dream, she's going to dream big and that big dream is called a grillin' man (a grillin' shirtless man with a beer in hand - as the image portrayed Mr. BBQ Babe).

Ok, before my male fans (do I have any? Hmmmm I wonder) complain I'm a sexist and am ogling Facebook solely for the beefcake, I actually have a point I'm trying to make.

If you're going to waste time when you could actually be productive, I highly suggest you check out the Top Five Lists. You know who you are so don't deny it. We all love Facebook and know we waste too much time on it (usually between the hours of 10:35 pm and 12:25 am)

Some of my personal favorites include:
  • Top Favorite Beers (Goooo Sierra Nevada - whoo hooo!)
  • Top Five Sushi Rolls (Yours truly created this one)
  • Top Five Movies You've Watched Over and Over That You Can Recite the Lines Along with the Movie (OF course, GREASE!)
  • Top Worst Jobs (the Italian Stallion named dog poop handler as one of the worst because the whiff of any kind of poop, whether infant or dog, "makes him hurl" - his quote, not mine)

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