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Friday, March 20, 2009

Social Networkers Beware: Think Before You Tweet

Today I read a disturbing "tweet" from a man who was offered a job by Cisco and proceeded to badmouth his "potential" employer via Twitter. Unfortunately, because of this man's stupid mistake Cisco big whigs found his "tweet" on Twitter and responded to his negative comment about Cisco. Hmm, that man no longer has a job offer from Cisco. Talk about shooting yourself in the social networking foot. Especially in this crazy, turbulent economy, that was not a bright move on this guy's part. I guess he didn't want the job that much. However, some lucky AND grateful person now has that job.

A public relations professional from Ketchum PR made a rude comment about his clients' (FedEx) home city, Memphis, before he gave a presentation to 150 FedEx employees. That "tweet" caused bad repercussions and made its way to the head honchos at FedEx. This guy forgot the basics of PR 101 - "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." What an idiot.

Learn a lesson from these gentlemen who lacked very poor judgement with their lack of social networking "net"etiquette. People post some "interesting" pictures and comments on Facebook and Myspace. You really need to use common sense. Don't be like doofus Twitter-er who lost a potential job as a result of his negative comments.

Lesson of the day: "Think before you tweet." You never know who's reading your comments.

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