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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I Learned in the '00s and Why I'm Not Making Any Resolutions

Yes, I've been incognito. I haven't felt the need to rant or rave lately, and the commercial writing world was calling my name for the past few months (and how I make my moola). However, I will try to be a better Tirader in 2010 and keep up with the latest debacles.  

We're saying good-bye to the end of an era. Fare thee well, 2000s. We are headed into the super spaced-out age of 2010.

2010. I remember when I was a young girl I thought that 2010 meant we'd be living Lost In Space-style, or the Planet of the Apes would take over the Earth - you get my drift. I watched way too much 70s tv (and after-school specials).

2010 sounded weird and mystical to me. Although, I'm really disappointed that I'm not living like the Jetsons. I really liked their outfits and space helmets.

Was Facebook or tweeting or cell phones even a possibility back then? Nope, not even an inkling. I just wanted to roller skate with public school boys to Joan Jett and Devo. Hey, those public school boys knew how to rock it (to a Catholic school girl, public school boys were an anomaly). 

So what did I learn in the '00s? I learned a lot. I learned What Not to Wear. I learned that John and Kate Plus 8 means "John and Kate Equals Selling Out Your Kids to Make a Fast Buck AND Get a Divorce!"

I took huge risks and went down the rabbit hole. I said adios to the non-profit fundraising world. I pursued a life-long dream of writing and forged ahead as a copywriter with my own marketing consulting business. 

I moved and returned to my home town. I learned more about wine and drank more wine. I went on a cruise. I saw a beautiful sunset in beautiful British Columbia. I have an adorable two-year old nephew who uses big words such as "composting" (and a niece on the way!)

I ended a long-term relationship and dated sketchy Net dudes with body odor issues. I also had ex-boyfriends cyberally appear from Boyfriends Past. I got rejected by E-harmony and didn't find the love of my life. According to a Facebook quiz, I'll be engaged within the year. Facebook quizzes are like the Magic 8 ball. They are ALWAYS right! 

Then there were the celebrities...

We lost Michael Jackson this year - a tragic loss for the world.  Now we get the aftermath -  five million made-for-TV movies later about the crazy Jackson family...RIP Michael. 

I wrote plenty of blog posts this year about looney Octo-Mom. Enough said about That Which Spawns Many Children. I've covered that topic enough. 

I became a budding yogini and poured sweat, tears and aching muscles into yoga for the past ten years. I then re-discovered yin yoga this past year and have a new respect and love for all that is YOGA. I've worked with amazing clients and have developed life-long friendships. I wrote interesting articles and dived head first into the copywriting world. 

That social media phenomenon called Facebook has reconnected me with long-lost friends. I've learned about social media and online marketing, and have been bombarded with every techie trick and nuance that makes the Net go-round.

I've devoured self-help and holistic books, and listened to Sting at least a few billion times (the one true love of my life - even if he doesn't know it yet). I've dabbled with vegetarianism and Pilate over the years, and am a firm believer in Bowen therapy and holistic treatments. 

Loss, death, natural disasters, birth, war, violence, fear, politics, sex, drugs, disease, rock-n-roll, reality TV, unsteady economy, unemployment - the theme of the past years. We've sloughed off political layers, and have a new Prez who some love and who some despise. 

Possibility. We have possibility. I don't make resolutions because I feel it's a waste of time. However, I go into 2010 filled with possibility, hope and optimism. Despite my rants and raves, I'm a believer to the core. Even Octo-Mom deserves a second chance (or third or fourth). 

Sending you peaceful wishes as you enter 2010 - an era filled with more and more possibilities. 

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